Where to find a resume writer in Atlanta and why you need one

If you've been applying for job after job in Atlanta, but find you're still not getting any interviews or job offers, you probably wonder what you are doing wrong. It's not that you aren't qualified because you know you are the perfect fit. Instead, perhaps it has something to do with how you come across on paper, or rather, what your resume says or doesn't say.

When this is the case, you may want to consider hiring a resume writer. A resume writer not only knows the ins and out to helping you get hired, they also know how to make your resume stand out. Below are some reasons you need a resume writer and where you can find one in Atlanta.

Your resume just doesn't look professional.

You may have followed all those online tips for writing the perfect resume, but find your resume still doesn't look professional. While using a boilerplate to create your resume isn't necessarily a bad thing, a resume writer can help to ensure that the layout of your resume not only looks professional, but keeps your information clear and concise so that it stands out to hiring managers.

You're not up on the latest resume trends.

The job market is ever-changing and unless you're staying caught up on the latest hiring trends, your resume simply isn't going to get read. As an example of one of this year's current resume trends, Glassdoor states that hiring managers want to see your story and the skills you have used to overcome adversity. A resume writer understands this trend and knows how to incorporate your story into your resume while showcasing your skills and work experience.

You're not sure how to explain your job history.

Whether you were laid off, fired, or simply chose to take some time away from the workforce, a job gap can cause a red flag for a potential employer. It can make it appear that you were hopping from job to job or worse, that you don't have a clear direction in your career. Resume writers have strategies, such as dropping the months off a resume and only showing the years you worked that can help negate these types of red flags and make a job gap not stand out as much.

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Here are a few resume writers in Atlanta:

Atlanta Resume Writing Services

235 Peachtree St. NE, Atlanta.

Need a LinkedIn makeover? This company will help you update your profile and polish your resume.

CareerPro Resumes

6075 Roswell Road NE, Atlanta.

Founded in 1958, CareerPro Resumes has helped thousands secure jobs. The business specializes in writing cover letters and thank you notes, too.

Ready Set Resumes

P.O. Box 190075, Atlanta.

Don't just fine tune your resume, brush up on your interview skills as well. That's what the professionals at Ready Set Resumes are here for.

Robin's Resumes

855 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta.

Providing services for 10 years, Robin's Resumes "offers the right experience to develop a career marketing package that is right for you ."