Now casting: Daniel Radcliffe series filming party scene

Are you ready to make your mark on Atlanta's film and TV industry? Are you the next Tyler Perry? ATL is in need of young stars. Check out the Peach City's latest casting call for your chance at fame.

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'Miracle Workers'

Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi star in this new TBS series that tells the story of a low-level angel (Radcliffe) trying to prevent Earth's destruction. Buscemi portrays God, who is preoccupied with hobbies.

What are they looking for?

Men and women age 18 to 35 and of all ethnicities are needed for a hipster party scene.

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When are they filming?

Filming will take place in downtown Atlanta on Dec. 8. The call time will be at approximately 2 p.m., and it won't be a full 12-hour work day.

How much does it pay?

Pay is $68 for eight hours.

How do I submit?

To apply, go to and click on the calendar date 12/8.

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