5 keys to a promotion, according to this international economics expert

Dumb luck or a friend in high places are pretty rare reasons for promotions. In today's fast-paced global economy, positioning yourself for a promotion is a matter of following some straightforward strategies, according to World Economic Forum behavioral science and education expert Soulamia Gourani.

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Based on her long experience as a TED Talks mentor and working with corporate clients and leaders worldwide, including Pope Francis, she recommends these five keys to getting a promotion anywhere in the world:

Understand what the hiring process looks like in your company

Are there steps or an internal application process for employees on the way up? You should also familiarize yourself with any qualifications you might need for a promotion so you can start creating a plan.

Let the company know you want a promotion

"Communicate this message verbally to your boss and keep her updated on your progress on various projects," Gourani suggests. "Also share any of your accomplishments that have helped the company reach their bottom line."

Make sure your values are in line with the company

"The basis of all your work has to be ethics and commitment," says Fernanda Neis, president of the DeRose Method Federation in the United States. Another company value to make sure you display is being a team player. As Gourani notes, "Since so much of today's work is accomplished by working with others, it becomes even more important to share successes with your team and to avoid pointing your finger when there are failures, because when the team fails, you fail."

Make sure you have developed Emotional Intelligence

"While a high skill set is essential in any job, it's no longer enough to make you stand out," Gourani says. "What makes you most valuable is your human ability to be creative and connect with others." She also recommends cultivating a better understanding of yourself along with self-control, empathy and a natural understanding of people's decisions and desires. "People who understand others and can harness their own emotions, as well as the anticipated feelings of customers and co-workers, are the most real asset to any company."

Manage your stress levels

Use breathing and meditation techniques to keep your stress under wraps at work, Neis recommends. "A stressed person who cannot handle the work is probably not ready to be promoted."