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Delta sponsors Braves parking lot for elite frequent fliers

Elite-level frequent fliers on Delta Air Lines will soon be able to park in a special section at Atlanta Braves games, where they'll still have to pony up the normal $12 for a spot, but will get one relatively close to Turner Field.

The new Delta SkyMiles Medallion lot, with more than 500 spaces near the ballpark's main entrance, is part of the Braves' Green parking lot. Those with elite status in Delta's frequent flier program, which generally requires flying at least 25,000 miles a year, will be able to show their Medallion card to park in the special lot.

The Delta SkyMiles Medallion lot will open March 29 and 30, when the Braves are set to play exhibition games. Delta is the official airline of the Braves and flies the team on charter flights.