Delta partners with pet travel pod startup

Delta Air Lines is partnering with pet travel pod startup CarePod as the carrier changes its prices and policy for transporting pets.

Atlanta-based Delta said it has struck a long-term partnership with Singapore-based CarePod, which also offers safety monitoring, tracking and logistics software for pet transport.

It’s yet to be seen what exactly the deal will involve, but Delta said its cargo division will “launch a new pet transportation strategy” through the partnership and that CarePod will help the airline better carry and monitor pets and give real-time updates to customers.

Delta in 2016 stopped accepting pets as checked baggage, after facing criticism for the death of pets in checked carriers.

Instead, Delta said some pets could travel as carry-ons in the cabin and others could be shipped via Delta Cargo, which can be less convenient and costly, with rates at the time ranging from $193 to $1,481.18.

For pet travel via cargo, pets must be dropped off at a cargo facility at least three hours before departure for domestic flights, and at least five hours before international flights. They can be picked up two hours after arrival for domestic, and four hours after arrival for international.

Delta in August modified its temperature restrictions for live animal transport and said live animals can no longer be shipped via Delta DASH small package express service. And on Oct.1 Delta changed its prices for transporting a pet via cargo, to vary based on the kennel size instead of weight.