Coca-Cola signs $15.4M pouring rights deal with UCLA

In the battle for pouring rights on university and college campuses, Coca-Cola has one-upped Pepsico at the University of California at Los Angeles.

UCLA said it has consolidated all of its separate beverage contracts and sponsorship agreements into a 10-year, $15.4 million deal with Atlanta-based Coca-Cola. The various contracts and agreements had included deals with Purchase, N.Y.-based Pepsico.

The deal will give Coca-Cola pouring rights throughout the West Coast campus of more than 41,000 students.

The battle for such campus contracts is fierce. On the one hand, the beverage companies get to pitch a variety of their products to young consumers over a long period in hopes they will become loyal customers.

For campuses, the extra revenue helps with funding projects that may otherwise go unfunded due to budget cuts and helps students with rising tuitions. UCLA, for example, says it will use $3 million of the Coca-Cola proceeds for scholarships.

Earlier this summer, the City University of New York signed a $21 million, 10-year pouring rights deal with Pepsico.