Atlanta company makes e-mail delivery secure

Wolfgang Bothe and two partners started Stonebranch Inc. in Atlanta in 1999

Q: What is Stonebranch Inc.?

A: In 1999, my partners, Gert Adolphsen and Nathan Hammond and I started Stonebranch. Gert and I had come to Atlanta from Germany to start the U.S. operations for a German company that sold file transfer software. We decided we could do it better.

The business models of most companies say, ‘Don’t use the computers and software that you have; use our stuff because it’s better.’ That was not what we wanted to do. We knew our managed file transfer and job scheduling solutions had to work with our clients’ existing infrastructures as well as new technologies that came along. What we said was, ‘You can use your equipment, your mainframes, your software, but our software will make what you have better. Let us upgrade you.’ And with that we were successful.

Q: You just celebrated the company’s 10th anniversary. How is business?

A: We started out with three people and now we have 179 [75 in Atlanta]; we added 28 employees just this year. We have offices all over Europe and, hopefully next year, will enter Asia and South America. We have deep penetration in the U.S. and going global helps us when the U.S. economy is not so good.

Q: Why locate in Atlanta, as opposed to some place else?

A: We were already in Atlanta and liked it but, more importantly, when we really looked at our options, Atlanta was a great location for all of the resources we needed especially proven technology talent.

Q: How did you fund the business?

A: We have had no venture capital. It has all been internally funded.

Q: What are your sales?

A: We have grown 30 percent year over year. My board would not like me to say, but we are well into double digit millions.

Q: Any plans on going public?

A: I cannot answer that.

Q: What are your products?

A: We have had two main products: Indesca, which is an independent scheduling agents solution, and InFitran, an intelligent file transfer solution. We recently launched Scribbos LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary that offers a way to securely send confidential messages or large files over the Internet.

Q: What is Scribbos?

A: Scribbos is our newest technology platform in Managed File Transfer that fulfills all three vital communication requirements: secure confidential communications, ad-hoc file transfer and the ability to transfer large files all at the push of a button.

Scribbos is as easy as sending an e-mail, but it’s a safer way. Standard e-mail is not secure even with firewalls and spam filters. There are other products that help make e-mails more secure but you have to go through a lot of hoops. Data breaches — hacking — have increased dramatically over the years, more than 180 percent over the past four years. It can cost a company money as well as its reputation.

Q: How does it work?

A: Very simply. You sign up at, write your message and hit the send button. Essentially the message is scrambled and then unscrambled when it gets to the other person. So even if you are a lawyer at the airport, you can send a very sensitive file over your iPhone. You can send messages anywhere securely.

Q: Who is the market for this?

A: It’s broad — businesses of all sizes and individuals. Obviously lawyers, but really anyone dealing with sensitive information. More and more, people don’t want to e-mail their Social Security number and other personal information; now they can. Health care is a huge market as more patients’ records are being put online and sent from hospital to doctor to insurance company.

Q: What is the potential market for Scribbos?

A: We believe the market is very broad and extends across a number of industries including financial services, health care, insurance, legal services, accounting, small businesses and more. Scribbos was only just launched in September and we already have more than 1,000 users.

Q: What else is in the future?

A: We have become involved in philanthropic work. We support an orphanage in Romania where I have gone and worked. We are also supporting the Susan G. Komen Race. It’s our belief that you share what you have with those who need help.

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