Airport plans to increase rental car charges

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport wants to increase its charges added to rental car rates to offset a decline in car rentals.

The airport wants to increase its $4.50 customer facility charge to $5 per car rental day effective July 1. Revenues from airport car rentals declined due to a drop in business travel amid the economic downturn.

The Atlanta city council transportation committee on Wednesday passed a resolution for the increase. The resolution now heads to the full council for approval.

The city plans to use revenue from the charge to pay down debt on bonds for the airport's new rental car center opened last year. Hartsfield-Jackson general manager Ben DeCosta said he expects the increase will boost revenues collected from the charge to about $24.5 million annually, up from $22 million.

The city first imposed the customer facility charge in 2005 at $4, then increased it to $4.50 in 2008. All car rental companies at the airport collect the charge.