Vanity Fair image of actor Michael B. Jordan causes controversy

What happened here?

A picture of actor, Michael B. Jordan and director, Ryan Coogler, recently published in Vanity Fair magazine is causing a minor controversy.

When gossip blogger B. Scott posted the image on his Facebook page, the comments started rolling in with many suggesting that the photo of Jordan and Coogler was too, well...suggestive.

Here's the image from Vanity Fair:

So, that's Jordan resting his hand on Coogler's head. The two worked together on Fruitvale Station (Coogler's first feature film) and most recently on Creed. They are quite obviously friends who have spent a lot of time together making two award-winning films.

In December, the duo, along with Creed co-star Tessa Thompson, visited Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta while promoting the movie. 

In January, Jordan and Coogler made social media news after Sylvester Stallone forgot to give them a shout out when he won the best supporting actor at the Golden Globes for Creed. (Sly reportedly did thank them later.)

And now, this Vanity Fair image is the picture that has led to thousands of comments. Here are thoughts from a few of B. Scott's Facebook followers:

Not everyone responded negatively to the image.

Supporters felt the picture was a fine way to depict male intimacy, something they said we too often seem to dismiss (and disparage) in our patriarchal society.

To sum up their views, platonic or not, it's all love, and that should always be celebrated.