Strange and scary Star Wars merchandise

Star Wars fans are gearing up for the much-anticipated release of The Force Awakens which opens in more than 4,000 theaters nationwide beginning Thursday evening.

The ultimate fan experience at Atlantic Station -- a marathon showing of all seven films -- is sold out, but with round-the-clock showings (2:30 a.m. anyone?) there are still plenty of tickets to see the latest installment .

Fans looking for something unique to celebrate the movie release also have their pick of merchandise. This is the first Star Wars release under Disney, the masters of merchandising, so there's plenty of stuff to choose from ranging from useful to just plain wacky.

Searches for Star Wars merchandise have spiked on auction sites as Disney walks a fine line to make sure consumers aren't too inundated with Star Wars paraphernalia.

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The merchandise available has ranged from makeup collections with CoverGirl Cosmetics featuring light side and dark side looks to fruit, which quickly prompted ridicule from consumers on Twitter:

Still, a little gentle ribbing can't stop the merchandising machine. In case you thought you had seen it all, here is some of the strangest and scariest Star Wars merchandise items out there:

Darth Vader Humidifier, Hammacher Schlemmer, $100 :  A humidifier is a useful items for combating dry winter air, but the sight of the Sith Lord with steam coming from the top of his head just my scare the bejeezus out of you in the middle of the night.

Star Wars Classic Trilogy Imperial Stormtrooper, Anovos Productions LLC, $650 (available for Pre-order)

It's one thing to wear a face mask and some white clothes and call yourself a Stormtrooper, but this is an actual, plastic, handmade, full-body Stormtrooper suit which would look pretty scary if you saw it strolling down Peachtree on a winter's day. Add the blaster prop and there are sure to be some issues.

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These leather shoes would be scary enough on their own, but the heels don't just look like lightsabers, they flash blue when you walk. And if you press the inside of the right shoe, they'll play tunes from Star Wars. These shoes definitely aren't made for walking.

Sarlacc in Your Toilet, $25,

Three friends making jokes about bodily functions turned their comedic riff into this (surely unlicensed) product -- a set of stickers to turn your toilet into The Pit of Carkoon. But really, there are just some places where you don't want the Empire to strike back.

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