Atlanta ranked second best city in the country for singles

Is the dating scene in Atlanta improving?

This pretty much contradicts observations made just two years ago by Brian Howie, creator of the Great Love Debate -- a tour where men and women in cities nationwide come together for one night to complain about dating.

According to Howie, Atlanta has all the elements to be a great city for dating but in practice, men and women in the city just can't seem to get it together. That may explain the findings in the WalletHub survey which focus on external indicators rather than attitudes.

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The consumer website measured 32 key indicators across 180 cities in the U.S. to determine where singles had the highest chance of finding love.

Atlanta scored near the top for the number of single people in the population and the number of restaurants per capita.

Nightlife per capita also ranked fairly high.

The city did moderately well on measures such as mobile dating opportunities and the cost of restaurant meals.

Both Atlanta and the number one city for dating, San Francisco, ranked below average on economics -- the cost of going on or preparing to go on a date -- indicating that while there may be ample opportunity to meet people in Atlanta, the economics of living in the city can make it more challenging to actually get out and date.

Anyone on a budget, should avoid pricey restaurants and movies and opt instead for coffee dates or a walk in the park, said Theresa E. DiDonato, Associate professor of Psychology at Loyola University Maryland.

“By opting for contexts that allow for easy conversation, you’re giving yourself an opportunity to get to know your date rather than spending money on a date that limits conversation,” she said.