Tommie Lee (‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’) arrested yet again for disorderly conduct

Originally filed Tuesday, July 10, 2018 by RODNEY HO/ on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

Tommie Lee of "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" fame is like the female version of Katt Williams. She can't keep herself out of jail.

The latest: TMZ reports she was arrested early Monday morning for disorderly conduct while under the influence outside the Royal Peacock Club. She got belligerent with a cop and allegedly struck a valet.

Alcohol has been her bugaboo for years and she has been arrested numerous times for all sorts of infractions. She had two previous legal cases pending one regarding punching a store employee at Lenox Mall and was required by a court in May to wear an alcohol monitoring device.

She also was suspended from "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" taping for a time this past season due to her violent alcohol-induced behavior toward production and cast member Spice.

During the season seven "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" reunion show that aired Monday night, Tommie said she was embarrassed by her behavior but still maintained that she doesn't have an alcohol problem.

She then proceeded to argue with Spice and try to attack her. As usual, the ubiquitous “Love and Hip Hop” security stopped it from escalating. Sad but predictable.