94.9/The Bull's Jason Pullman recounts 2011 road rage incident, mugshot included


Credit: Rodney Ho

Credit: Rodney Ho

By RODNEY HO, originally filed Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Jason Pullman, morning host at 94.9/The Bull, on air this morning and on social media revealed the time he got arrested in Roswell for throwing a water bottle at a car after he felt like he was rudely treated by the driver. This was following news that Atlanta is the 10th biggest city for "road rage" in the country.

He said the driver in April, 2011 tried to drive him off the road. As "punishment," he threw the bottle and they continued to try to drive him off the road.

"I attempted to take pictures of their license plate but to no avail," he texted me. "I was going to go to the police dept. that night but I knew it would have been my word against theirs. Unbeknowist to me, that night they went to the Alpharetta police department and without hesitation, the police office on duty wrote a warrant for my arrest. Seven months later, I got pulled over by an Atlanta officer who asked to see my license and registration." The cop then found the warrant in the system.

Pullman had no idea that warrant even existed. So they towed his car, arrested him and hauled him to Fulton County jail. The charge: "terroristic threats."

"I couldn't believe it," he wrote. "I thought they arrested the wrong guy."

The charges were eventually dropped but he said it was a lesson learned. "I'm not proud of what I did but maybe it could save someone's life" as a "cautionary tale."

He paid a small fine and did community service.

UPDATE May 12: Bryan Andrew, a metro Atlantan who works in insurance, contacted me this morning. He claimed to be the man in the passenger side of the car. He was insulted that Pullman called him and his friend "rednecks." He also said that Pullman started the situation by riding their vehicle's bumper, then throwing the water bottle. Andrew said the bottle broke the driver's side mirror, something Pullman ultimately paid for ($350). He said they followed Pullman's blue Mercedes convertible after that for several miles to get his license plate number and spoke with 911 at the time. He said they pulled up next to him to ask him why he did what he did and Pullman told them his watch is worth more than them. They said he ultimately didn't respond to the cops, which is why they put in the warrant for his arrest.

Pullman in response said he didn't mean the phrase "redneck" as pejorative, that their side of the story was not true, that he wasn't speeding and never said those things.

As a souvenir, he received an ignominious mug shot now on the Internet forever.

Just in case you missed it, he also posted his mugshot on his Instagram today:

I didn't hear his talk this morning so I reached out to him this afternoon. He has not yet gotten back to me to explain what compelled him to reveal this.

On Facebook, comments were supportive.

Amy Huelskamp Wuebbels: "We all go a little mad sometimes."

Debbie Hudson: "I actually like the look... lol :)"

Janet Mills: "A great story to tell your grandchildren on day."

Zondra Colson Barber: "To err is human.. to forgive divine! We ALL have our moments like this when we are not proud of our behavior. You just have a picture to remind you!"

Kelley Pullman: "I remember that story fondly Little Brother."

Marc Robinson: "Is this where they gave you the nickname 'Jason Just Dropped the Soap Pullman"?? Lol"