'The Bachelorette: Men Tell All' recap: Marcus, Andrew, Chris

I have never watched an entire season of "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette" before. So this is my first "Men Tell All" as well.

Honestly, I'm not sure we learned a heck of a lot about anything. But here ya go:

Time killing moments: Teaser of "Bachelor in Paradise," which involves blood, an assault and handcuffs. Just like paradise! Season 7 "Bachelorette" Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum, that rare couple that worked out, are having a baby and they find out live that it's a boy.

Did Andrew say "blackie"? After Ron and Marquel, the two token black dudes, were given roses at one of the early ceremonies, Andrew whispered something to JJ. JJ later brought it up and said he heard Andrew say that Andi had taken the two "blackies." Or maybe he just said "black guys." Obviously, the previous term is offensive. The latter was more a cynical observation. Either way, it was ultimately a "he said, he said" situation. Marquel ultimately believes JJ and found Andrew's apologies more about himself and less sincerely apologetic.

"These allegations are affecting my life," Andrew says. "I hope we can shake hands like we did that evening and be friends again," he said.

Probably not.

At one point, Andrew called Marquel "Ron:" - the other black dude. Awkward!

Slow was not the way to go for Marquel: He said he and Andi had a connection at first but he got stuck in the dreaded "friend zone." And watching the show back, he said: "I didn't realize you were all kissing her so fast...I should have taken more initiative." He will be on "Bachelor in Paradise."

Falling fast, falling hard: Marcus, the attractive dullard, was the first to express love for Andi. Andi ultimately couldn't return the favor. "It was complete heartbreak after that," he said.  He will be on "Bachelor in Paradise."

Couldn't plant the seed with Andi but...: Iowa farmer and hopeless romantic Chris pulled out all the stops to draw her in, including anonymous letter writing. But she couldn't quite match his fervor - or the thought of living in the hay fields. Chris: "You put yourself out there 110 percent. I was committed to that. I saw a lot in her that I wanted. I saw a future with her. I gave everything I could." Good news: a woman in the audience in what may or may not be a spontaneous move came to the stage and pitched herself. Chris Harrison gave her a "speed date" during the commercial break and she gives him her digits.

Wash, rinse, repeat: Andi repeated what she said on the show about Cody, Marquel and Chris. "Sometimes it's there and sometimes it's not," she said about Marquel. In that case: not.

The lie detector results Andi tore up on the show: Brian, JJ and Chris didn't lie about anything. Marcus, Dylan and Josh all offered up some lies. Marcus claimed to have slept with fewer than 20 women and the detector said he wasn't right. He didn't say anything. Dylan Petit said he prefers brunettes but he actually likes blondes more and said he's ready for marriage. Not. Josh also was deceptive. She ultimately didn't want to know what he lied about. Chris, the host,  knows. We do not.

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