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Stevie Baggs picks his woman on 'Match Made in Heaven' but is it everlasting?

By RODNEY HO/, originally filed Friday, July 8,  2016

Atlanta's Stevie Baggs, torn between two women he clearly liked, picked professional dancer Christina over business oriented Kimmy on the season finale of "Match Made in Heaven" on WE-TV Thursday night.

He showed her a ring but didn't officially give it to her, pending him talking to Christina's parents. (UPDATE: He is making himself scarce today for follow-up interviews for reasons I can't ascertain. Based on my conversation with him yesterday, I'm not at all certain they are still together.)

The former pro football player said he wouldn't let his mother Lola Robinson influence his decision making but perhaps she did. Lola was dead set against a white woman as a daughter in law and stated it without equivocation.

So he chose Christina, who he felt made great wife material. Plus, she received the approval of his mother. "I am so excited that my son is possibly going to be married real soon," Lola said.

During the ceremony, he looked in her eyes and said, "You're beautiful. You're sweet. To me, there's an amount of agape love that we have started to build upon and that I can see us growing for a very long time... You're intelligent. You're strong."

He then gave her the engagement ring but said he wanted to talk to her parents first before going forward. (Christina's mom clashed with Lola.)

Baggs couldn't bring up the race issue to Kimmy at the farewell ceremony.

"For some reason, me pulling the trigger moving forward with you, I'm at a crossroad," he said. "All I can say, any doubt, any decision, any consequence, I put it on me. For now reason of your own, I got to say I won't be able to move forward with you."

"I know Stevie felt it," Kimmy said. "I said from the beginning that I trust Stevie and his decisions. I said I will stand by him. I'm a person of his word. I truly hope he finds happiness."

"This woman let her guard down and I know that she truly truly genuinely has feelings and love for me," he said. "But now I'm ready to dedicate my heart to one."

The one woman who said she loved him consistently Roxie was rejected first.

He told Roxie he connected with someone else more. "I do feel cheated," she said. "It always happens like that, coming in second or third especially since I know neither one of these [other] girls are here for him."

She "is the one woman in the house she was here to fight for me," he said. "To say goodbye to Roxie tears me apart."

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