11 shadiest moments on 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' reunion part 1

By RODNEY HO/ rho@ajc.com, originally filed Sunday, March 20, 2016

Season 8 of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" ended in a whimper last week but there were some dramatic moments from the season to chew on in the three-part reunion set at the Georgia Ballroom in the Biltmore.

Here are the best quotes from part one Sunday night:

Shady bunch

"On your best day, you wouldn't even be my third runner up." - former Miss USA Kenya Moore to Phaedra Parks after taking umbrage with Phaedra calling her "oatmeal pie face" earlier in the season.

Pump it up

"It's better from the tap." - Andy Cohen, after watching Todd Tucker take a sip of breast milk from his wife Kandi Burruss.

Who gonna check me boo?

"You're like a human T-shirt." - Cynthia Bailey, musing about Sheree Whitfield's various catchphrases.

Not big sis, big AUNT

"I was hoping she'd change to be more endearing, like a cool aunt." - Porsha Williams, 34, who is 12 years younger than 46-year-old newbie Kim Fields

Kandi hearts Todd

"Don't come for my husband like that. I'm very protective. When Phaedra and I have disagreements on the show, I don't try to go all the way in. Sometimes I feel I'm at a disadvantage. That's going past the line of friendship." - Kandi, about her fractured relationship with Phaedra

Vault? What vault?

"It was never a secret. When Apollo asked Peter to leave his older vintage car in our garage, I assumed you knew." - Cynthia to Phaedra, who claimed to know nothing.

"I feel I was portrayed as being two faced, that I didn't tell Phaedra. I wasn't trying to hide it." - Kandi to Phaedra on the stuff Apollo left at her place.

Will this ever end?

Phaedra, about Todd's video production bills: "He has been paid all his money."

Kandi: "They finished their business last week."

Kenya: "That's convenient."

ADHD in evidence

"Are you texting during the reunion? You gotta be kidding!" - an annoyed Andy to Kenya, who said it was boyfriend Max asking about dog food.

Warped perspective

"I don't think her career is better than mine. Really! She's on the stage I'm a star in. She's here coming for my purse, the lowest man on the totem pole." - Kenya about Kim

"I'll let social media enjoy that soundbite!" Kim, rolling her eyes

"I have a career that spans 30 years myself. I can my bills." - Kenya, trying to compare her career to Kim's obviously superior one

Superiority complex

"When people speak in the third person and speaks down to the group like she did. It was us as a group." - Kenya explaining why she thought Kim was condescending

"It's not arrogance when your resume adds up. Your resume adds up!" - Phaedra, defending Kim

"I like it when she bosses up!" - Kandi

Don't interrupt!

"You're always talking over people! What's wrong with you!" - Kim to Kenya

"We are bored. So please get to the point." - Kenya

'When you're talking and interrupting, that's a form of bullying." - Kim

"I don't bully people. I've been bullied 100 times here. I know all about bullying." - Kenya.

"Oh my gawd." - Kandi, rolling her eyes

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