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‘Scandal’ season 5 episode 19 recap: Olivia goes to war with Abby

By JEWEL WICKER/, originally filed Thursday, April 28, 2016

Last week’s episode of “Scandal” put Andrew’s murder on the back burner to focus on Jake’s political marriage.

This week, we get to see how the characters are coping with the fact that Olivia murdered former Vice President Andrew by smashing his face in with a chair.

The episode focuses on the Florida primary.

Both Olivia and her former best friend Abby are working hard to make sure their candidates are ready for the primary. These two have been at odds since Abby screwed Olivia over, leading to Andrew’s death. So, it shouldn’t be surprising when Olivia refuses to even take an elevator with Abby during this episode (“She can take the stairs”), but it still is.

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Presidential hopefuls Mellie, Susan and Hollis are headed to Florida to impress Governor Baker and secure enough delegates to win the state.

But, Abby comes up with a plan to ensure that Mellie starts off on the wrong foot with the governor.

Knowing that Mellie’s plane can’t take off until Fitz’s plane leaves, she grounds Air Force One, citing a mechanical issue.

Knowing the mechanical issue is fabricated, Olivia goes to the press to shame Abby.

The two continue to fight until Marcus gives Mellie the perfect idea.

The former First Lady walks onto the tarmac and forces her ex-husband to come out and greet her.

During their conversation, Mellie learns that Olivia murdered Andrew and talks with Fitz about ways to make her feel better. It’s strange, especially considering Olivia was once Fitz’s mistress and is now managing his ex-wife’s campaign.

Mellie is able to achieve her goal, however. She convinces Fitz to move his plane and prevents a potential blowup from Olivia, who is clearly a ticking time bomb. They arrive in Florida late, but all seems well.

Meanwhile, the governor approaches David Rosen and tells him that she will endorse Susan Ross if he drops an investigation into a company that Baker benefits from financially.

David refuses. And, despite the fact that Susan Ross is still making him sleep on the floor, she agrees with her pretend boyfriend and praises him for having some morals.

That night, Susan still makes David sleep on the floor, but she holds his hand. Seeing him have integrity has given her some hope that maybe she can get over the fact that he cheated on her.

She clearly doesn’t know that David cheated with her campaign manager.

She also doesn’t know that David did indeed drop the investigation to get the governor’s endorsement for Susan.

Elsewhere, Alex Vargas attempts to get Cyrus’ husband to turn on him. Alex wants to expose Cyrus for his involvement in the Harrisburg shooting and force him off of Francisco Vargas’ campaign team.

Using information from Alex, Michael confronts Cyrus about being unfaithful. Cyrus admits it and is completely unapologetic. He tells Michael that he is trying to make a president, making it clear that that is his only priority.

Michael meets with Alex and gives him proof of Cyrus’ involvement in the Harrisburg shooting.

But, it’s a set up.

The file actually sends photos of Francisco with his sick daughter to the press. Francisco is furious and immediately fires his brother for trying to use his daughter’s cancer diagnosis for political gain.

Cyrus believes Michael’s participation means he’s on board. But, he returns home to a note and an empty closet.

Ultimately, the governor’s endorsement of Susan Ross doesn’t secure the delegates necessary to secure Florida for the Vice President.

In the words of Hollis, the “cat fight” on the tarmac tainted the public’s perception of Mellie and Susan, allowing him to win.

After the primary, Huck approaches Olivia and tries to get her to talk about murdering Andrew.

Instead of feeling bad for what she’s done, however, Olivia says she feels free.

“I feel whole. I don’t regret a thing," she says. "I’m glad he’s dead and the only thing that makes it sweeter is knowing that I’m the one who killed him."

Then, she breaks into tears over the fact that she can’t talk to Jake without putting him in danger. (Remember, her father threatened to slit Jake’s throat if she talks to him again.)

Feeling guilty for Olivia’s role in Andrew’s death, Abby breaks down in the Oval Office and then pays a visit to her former friend.

Olivia tells Abby she’s proud of everything she’s accomplished, but makes it clear that she won’t stop fighting her for the Oval Office.

For now, however, the two agree to come together to take down Hollis Doyle.

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