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'Scandal' season 5 episode 18 preview: Will Jake get married?

By JEWEL WICKER/, originally filed Wednesday, April 20, 2016

'Scandal' picks up right after Olivia kills Andrew in the upcoming episode titled "Till Death Do Us Part."

Following the gruesome killing, Olivia went her father's home.

And, based on her appearance in a preview clip from this week's episode, it appears she hasn't gotten out of bed in a while.

Olivia seems to be having trouble coping with the fact that she has killed someone, but her father and Jake are acting like it's no big deal.

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"You [have] to stop beating yourself up over this," Jake says, after Olivia refuses to eat. "What you did to Andrew...after everything he did to you the only thing you should feel bad about is that you didn't do it sooner."

Papa Pope then tells his daughter that no one is investigating Andrew's death.

If viewers have learned anything from Olivia it's that if you murder someone you definitely want to hang around a group of assassins afterwards to feel better about what you've done.

Olivia has to snap out of her depression, however. Something major is about to happen.

In the sneak peek, her father mentions that Jake's wedding has been moved up to the following Saturday.

Earlier this season, Olivia learned that Jake has been using his fiance's bank accounts to funnel money into a Super PAC and fund her ex-boyfriend Edison’s presidential campaign.

Olivia never speaks in the clip, but, according to a summary of the episode, she will make a "gut-wrenching attempt" to stop the wedding.

Scandal airs Thursday nights at 9 p.m. on ABC. Click here to

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