‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ recap: Tokyo trip, part 2

Originally posted Sunday, January 27, 2019 by RODNEY HO/rho@ajc.com on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

Eva the Diva finally came out this episode during part two of the Tokyo trip.

Marlo Hampton was poking at Eva Marcille over the season about her fashion choices. Finally, Eva bit back. 

The two spent nearly an hour going back and forth on the bus. Eva was peeved but it was a controlled anger. She just felt like Marlo was all talk while she was confident of her own fashion track record. 

“My security does not lie in labels,” Eva said. I’ve been in fashion for years.”

Marlo is all about designer labels: “I wear runway to runway to runway,” she said. “I wear designer. My toothbrush is designer.”

“I own all of this,” Eva said. “You rent clothes and return them.”

“It takes her so much effort and so little for me to look fly,” she added. 

The general consensus from the other women is that Eva won the verbal battle: Eva 1 Marlo 0.

Later, they kissed and made up, especially after Eva’s grandpa was taken off life support and everyone commiserated with her. This was not the type of feud that will fester because, really, it’s Marlo. 


There were two other tension points.

One was pointless. Tanya Sam somehow got offended by some relatively innocuous comment NeNe Leakes had made about her finding someone to get married to after they received fortunes. Tanya has been with the same dude for awhile so she interpreted it as NeNe dissing her current relationship. 

Tanya confronted NeNe about it last week. NeNe, who has her own issues with her husband crowding her brain, told Tanya she didn’t care and that was true. Her comment meant nothing and Tanya didn’t need to be offended.

Yet Tanya brought it back this episode and NeNe repeated that this was a nothing burger to her. Let. It. Go.

The primary issue for poor NeNe was her problems with her husband nearly 7,000 miles away. Gregg was not communicating with her. It was driving her crazy. 

She, who is usually prompt, kept running tardy to the party and even missed a geisha demonstration. The stresses from her relationship in regards to caretaking a cancer patient hasn’t gone away. Poor NeNe.


Moment of bliss: the ladies do karaoke in Tokyo (of course). And there’s an Xscape song “Understanding.” The ladies sing it en mass and there’s a true joy. Kandi tapes some of it, then joins in. “Isn’t this the perfect song for us to sing with all the arguing?” Kandi later said. “This song brought us all back together with perfect harmony.”

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