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‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ recap: season 11, episode 14

Originally posted Monday, February 11, 2019 by RODNEY HO/ on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

“We need more pickles in our life.” - NeNe Leakes.

NeNe Leakes is having major issues in her personal life regarding her relationship with her ailing husband Gregg. The stress of caretaking him is taking a serious toll on her. 

So at least this episode in Tokyo featured a moment of levity for her: the women demonstrated their favorite positions with their men using pickles. 

Still, this vacation for her has been less of a respite than she had originally hoped. 

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“I’m falling to pieces and I don’t have anybody to lift me up,” NeNe told Gregg via phone from Tokyo. 

She was used to Gregg nurturing her so the reversal of roles is not what she wants. And she’s tired of having to put on a “happy” face in public despite her inner turmoil. 

“I try to have patience with the new person that he is but it’s not easy,” she said. 

But later, after Gregg had sent her a huge bouquet of flowers and a lovely note about his commitment and love for her, she broke down in front of Eva Marcille. This was soon after falling apart in front of Cynthia Bailey

Eva read Gregg’s note, which was in part: “You are for me. And you are in pain. I hurt too. Forgive me, my errors and let me draw you in my love,” Gregg  wrote. “Hurt no more. For I feel the pain I have inflicted on you. Let me back in your heart so I can touch it and mend our love as we continue to grow with each other. I love you so much. Your husband, friend and biggest supporter.”


“Gregg is the only person who can piss me off and literally make me smile in five seconds,” NeNe said, followed by clips from past episodes of happy and angry moments. They divorced and remarried and are now suffering through Gregg’s cancer. 

A trailer for future episodes show NeNe getting into a physical altercation, something she hasn’t done in many years. So clearly, her life is not going at all well and that’s a shame. 

In other story lines, at the farewell meal, Kandi made an honest apology to Porsha about shading Dennis so much after thinking about how much crap she got before she married Todd. It was totally sincere and Porsha accepted it. 

There were also some samurai swords, kimonos and a Japanese stripper. Not at the same time. 

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