‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ recap: season 11, episode 6

Porsha Williams reveals her baby via baby shoes.

Porsha Williams reveals her baby via baby shoes.

Originally posted Sunday, December 9, 2018 by RODNEY HO/rho@ajc.com on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

There wasn't much to this episode beyond the news that Porsha Williams is pregnant.

She surprised her new boo Dennis McKinley on his birthday with baby shoes to clue him in on the news. This was taped over the summer. She is now well along in her pregnancy.

So let’s make this super brief because really, it was a relative snoozefest.

Tattoo you: Kandi meets up with Porsha one on one to  "warn" Porsha that Dennis falls hard and deep for women to the point he tattoos their names on his body before the relationship falls apart.

Porsha does not care. She is annoyed that Kandi is being shady when Kandi said she is just trying to help. Porsha clearly is in love and any warning signs will go unheeded.

“Throw away the shovel and pretend the bones don’t exist” is how Kandi describes it.

Later, when Porsha semi-confronts Dennis over what Kandi said, he shrugs it off, saying vaguely about having a past and that Kandi has one, too. For Porsha, that’s enough. He’s committed. She’s committed. That’s what matters to her.

Porsha and Dennis on "Real Housewives of Atlanta."

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An ex pops up: Cynthia Bailey's ex Leon - who is her daughter Noelle's daddy - pops in to give Noelle some advice before going to college. Cynthia has never been to college and is suitably clueless about the experience. Leon wants her on campus so she can experience college the right way. Cynthia thinks living off campus with her own bathroom sounds a lot better. Presumably, daddy will prevail on that ront.

Cynthia also tells Leon about her new boyfriend, Mike Hill, who still hasn't shown up live on the show since he lives in L.A.. Leon's cool with it because they've been broken up forever and Cynthia sees their relationship now like siblings.

Sex talk: Shamari and Ronnie Devoe bond with Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker over sex stuff. Kandi and Todd have pretty high freak numbers and so do Shamari and Ronnie. There is no coyness here. Kandi even knew a bit about Shamari's antics back in the day. "I just thought she was cheating," Kandi mused.

Boobs and Bourbon: NeNe likes to create theme parties, much to Kandi's annoyance. Some are more inspired than others. This one seemed to be a little racy because of the word "boobs" and it featured alliteration but otherwise, NeNe didn't really care much about the bourbon. Attendees, in fact, drank whatever they wanted.

Dennis shows up and hugs everyone - even Kandi. The only dispute happens when a friend of NeNe's Yovanna got annoyed because Eva Marcille didn't remember her although they had a common friend.