‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ recap season 12, episode 13: tensions over ‘Snakegate’ boil over

Originally posted Monday, January 12, 2020 by RODNEY HO/rho@ajc.com on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

Cynthia Bailey rarely gets really all that peeved but her anger really came out against Marlo and NeNe tonight.

NeNe for weeks had kept under wraps who it was that supposedly “taped” Cynthia badmouthing her, an issue that came up seemingly 57 episodes ago. Cynthia and the other ladies suspected either Marlo or Yovanna.

This episode, NeNe ultimately said it was Yovanna who may or may not have had the audio. Or video. Or something like that. 

Cynthia’s frustrations boiled over. You cant’ really blame her. 

NeNe, when asked by a producer why she didn’t just tell Cynthia upfront and not drag this ridiculousness out, used the juvenile “why didn’t she do it for me?” argument. And the producers replay the time Cynthia didn’t tell NeNe that enemy Kenya was showing up at a party last season. 

The good news: the entire super tedious affair is finally over. and Yovanna can go back living under whatever rock she had been residing in before she was on the show. Was there audio? Who knows? 

NeNe “made the entire thing up,” Kenya concluded. 

There were also other mini-arguments in the room. Porsha got annoyed when Yovanna insulted Dennis and security eventually escorted Yovanna out of the hotel room and hopefully out of the show. 

At one point, NeNe and Cynthia began arguing and Kenya inserted herself in, which annoyed NeNe. So NeNe and Kenya began going at it and it got heated enough they had to be separated. “Crazy a** b****” is what Kenya called NeNe.

NeNe got all worked up and tried to go after Kenya in the hallway but security kept her away and NeNe retreated back to Marlo’s room. 

Marlo the next day apologized for her argument with Cynthia. “Her apology was as sincere as she being a changed woman,” Cynthia said sourly.

By then, NeNe had already left Toronto.

“Here’s to not giving  a damn about Snakegate!” Cynthia said to the group.

Cheers to that!

If anything, NeNe and Cynthia trying to repair their broken friendship took a big step backwards. 


Porsha was impressed by Dennis’ latest gesture: he surprised her by showing up at their Toronto party to give her a new engagement ring. He publicly proclaimed being “selfish,” which was a euphemism for “cheating on Porsha while she was pregnant.” She accepted his apology and seems much happier now though it’s now a “trust but verify” sort of relationship.


Later, Kenya throws out some gossip she and Kandi had heard from  woman who said Tanya’s hubby tried to get her digits.

“Intent to cheat,” as Kandi said.

But Kenya did it more like a “blind item” to the group and didn’t specify Tanya’s husband per se. But she did ask Tanya about how she’d deal with her hubby cheating. “I’d be really hurt,” she said. But Tanya noted that they have a very open line of communication and she trusts him and has seen no sign of any issues. 

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