Photo: Yovanna denies being the one carrying a "tape" of Cynthia badmouthing NeNe.
Photo: Yovanna denies being the one carrying a "tape" of Cynthia badmouthing NeNe.

‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ recap: season 12, episode 10: Snakegate drags on

Originally posted Sunday, January 5, 2020 by RODNEY HO/ on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

The producers needed a “controversy” so they are playing up this absurd Snakegate. 

Someone supposedly audiotaped Cynthia Bailey badmouthing NeNe Leakes and the women have spent a ridiculous portion of time trying to suss out whether Yovanna Momplaisir, a NeNe friend, was the one who did it.

Yovanna has now denied it three different times, twice on this trip to Toronto alone. She claims to Kenya Moore, Porsha Williams and Kandi Burruss she knows who it is but won’t say. Ugh!

“I’m not at liberty to speak,” she says while sucking a drink with a straw. 

Nobody really believes her. Is there even a tape? Why do we care about this woman? Aren’t Cynthia and NeNe already past this and trying to fix things? So this keeps dragging on. 

This episode, where the ladies take a trip to Toronto Caribana Carnival on behalf of friend Tanya Sams, doesn’t really feature much in the way of real fireworks although that is what the show wants on trips like this. 

One other tension point is Kenya at Mike Hill’s surprise proposal “leaking” the idea to Cynthia before it actually happened. 

Cynthia being Cynthia, is mildly annoyed by Kenya’s antics. But she isn’t going to turn it into a capital offense. More likely, Mike is  more annoyed than she is and she had to convey that. 

“Kenya likes to have moments,” Porsha says “She doesn’t care how she gets them. That’s really messed up.”

Another tension point is NeNe’s presence. 

With her massive salary (and ego) at stake, she is attempting to mend fences with the other castmates, one at a time. Of course, it’s in the other women’s interests as well.

So Kandi earlier this season already kissed and made up. They were never all that close to begin with so it was easy. 

And NeNe and Tanya barely had any issues so that reconciliation was simple. Then she apologizes to Eva Marcille

Eva last year on the phone during  a vulnerable time wanted to talk to NeNe off camera with no microphone. NeNe didn’t turn off her mic. “You had no remorse or feelings about it,” Eva says now to NeNe. 

So NeNe offers a passable facsimile of a genuine apology and Eva accepts it. For NeNe, it wasn’t that difficult because their relationship “isn’t that deep.” 

Eva is cautiously optimistic: “I appreciate NeNe’s apology and seeming attempt to move forward . I will definitely tread lightly.”

Kenya’s more cynical view: “She has no choice but to take responsibility. She’s over there on a dusty old island by herself and nobody will play with her.”

While talking to Eva, NeNe says it’s going to be difficult to resolve issues with Porsha, who she mocked as fat while pregnant after she “invaded” NeNe’s closet last season, then made matters worse on this episode by telling Eva: “She was fat before she was pregnant.” 

That isn’t going to help. 

She is making some headway with the ever forgiving Cynthia though. One baby step at a time. 

NeNe also denies leaking the note she sent to Cynthia for her wine cellar opening, which ended up on Love B Scott word per word. 

“I don’t ever talk to bloggers,” says NeNe (she definitely doesn’t talk to me!)

“Kenya is known for leaking things to the blogs,” NeNe adds. “She’s a dirty a** girl. My last name may be Leakes but I’m not leaking.’ 

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