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'Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap season 10, episode 2: Porsha vs. Shamea

Posted Sunday, November 12, 2017 by RODNEY HO/ on his AJC Radio & TV Talk

Porsha Williams is now relatively isolated from the rest of the cast but the producers found a way to get her a story line this episode, courtesy of a still resentful Shamea Morton.

Morton has been a "friend" of the "Housewives" show in the past but never got a peach. She did get caught up in some gossip last season and she was able to express the fact she felt Porsha had dropped her in favor of Phaedra Parks.

As we learn tonight, Shamea is getting married in Kenya and Kandi Burruss is going but Porsha is not. Porsha and Shamea used to be besties but not so much anymore. Porsha has a condition regarding low blood pressure ( vasovagal syncope ) and she said she can't fly coach for long periods of time. And first-class tickets to Kenya were too pricey.

Kandi thinks Porsha simply doesn't want to go and doesn't buy the medical excuse.

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Porsha does attend Shamea's Atlanta bridal shower. Sheree and Kandi come, too.

The reality is there's still tension between Kandi and Porsha over the mess last year. The minute Porsha arrives, Kandi walks away. "That was kind of awkward," Sheree said. "Today, I don't want it to be awkward," Porsha said. "Fake it til you make it."

Shamea brings up how upset she is about Porsha not coming to her wedding in front of Kandi. "You're supposed to be there in the wedding," Shamea says. "Figure that s*** out!"

Kandi's assistant Carmon makes several snarky comments about Porsha, mocking her medical excuses.

Later, the two friends talk again after Kandi had left.

Porsha is especially upset Shamea brought this up in front of the "Kandi Koated clique."

"Am I a horrible friend?" Porsha asks.

"You're not a horrible friend. You haven't been the best of friends," Shamea says. "We've been very distant. You put Phaedra before me. I never once put Kandi before you."

Porsha seems genuinely sad and apologizes, saying she really is there to support her.

But Shamea isn't taking it and Porsha leaves feeling like crap and now wants to "love and support her from afar."

Driving away, she tells her sister Lauren, "I need a break from friends."

Indeed, Lauren and her child just moved in with Porsha so we'll be seeing more of Lauren.

The other women:


Sheree is still haunted by her marriage with Bob and we now know it's because he verbally, emotionally and physically abused her.

She meets with a life coach named Jack Daniels (yes, that's his name). She blames shame on not talking to her kids about the abuse. He asks her to face it and not run away from it. So she first practices in front of some friends, including Kandi. Even then, she finds it draining.


Kenya is truly happy that she's married to Marc Daly though Marc's name is not mentioned. She is only bummed out he lives in New York and she lives in Atlanta.

She describes how she met Daly to Cynthia in detail through Chef Roble Ali . She describes him as a former Wall Street guy who now owns businesses and is very successful. Obviously, he does not want to show up on "Real Housewives" and that cannot help Kenya's chances of staying on the show down the road if the marriage works out.

"He didn't sign up for the crazy," Kenya says. "He signed up for me."

But she loves him, she adds: "He's everything I prayed for."


Cynthia has started to date, post divorce. But the one guy who shows up on camera is only 29, way too young for her. Her daughter Noelle, 17, agrees, joking that it would be more apropos for him to date her than Cynthia in the eyes of society. (Okay, not exactly, but yah...)


She largely plays a supporting role in this episode.


Absent this episode but expected to return next week. And still no sign of Kim Zolciak yet.

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