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'Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap ('Aloha and Goodbye'): season 9, episode 17

This was posted on Monday, March 2017 by Rodney Ho on his AJC Radio & TV Talk

This "Real Housewives of Atlanta" Maui trip began with some fireworks and ended with some more.

Kenya Moore thought she was doing something fun by holding a celebration "divorce" party for Cynthia Bailey and Phaedra Parks. The theme: "I do, I did, I don't!"

It was kind of amusing from an outsider's point of view and heck, Kenya has never been married, much less divorced. Cynthia was a bit surprised by the party thematics and refused to a wear a "bride to be" sash since she has no plans to marry again. But she went along with the party games, including a "pin the tail on the donkey"-type blindfold game, except it was "kiss the penis." (There were no real penises involved.)

Phaedra was immediately turned off by the spectacle, feeling it was an insult to the sanctity of marriage. She left after a short while, claiming she was sick.

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"I'm appalled that breaking up a family is a cause for celebration with a host being the trifling woman who is texting my husband. It's disgusting and disgraceful," she later texted to Porsha Williams, the only person she remotely trusts among the Housewives nowadays. Of course, Porsha read the text to the other ladies.

Kenya was suitably shocked. "Why is she bringing up the texting thing?" Cynthia said, from four years ago.

"Like I'm responsible for the break up of her marriage?" Kenya said.

Apollo Nida, still technically Phaedra's husband, had lied a few years earlier about Kenya propositioning him via text. He later admitted it was a false. Phaedra, in an emotional scene RHOA replayed in part Sunday night, said they had a clean slate.

Well, maybe not so clean after all.

Porsha came over to check on Phaedra. "They celebrate destruction," Phaedra said, with disgust.

Kenya then dropped in, wanting to clear the air. Phaedra said she felt the whole party  was "tacky."

"It is a difficult time in a woman's life but you both chose to be divorced. It wasn't just for you but Cynthia too," Kenya said.

Then Phaedra brought up the texts. She also felt like Kenya had flirted inappropriately with her husband and the show provided clips of that. Kenya had apologized if she had given the wrong impression years ago.

Kenya remained rightfully surprised Phaedra would still harbor so much resentment toward her when she felt her contribution to the dissolution of their marriage was like a "grain of sand."

She told the cameras: "Just when I was starting to trust her, she stabs me in the back."

Kenya noted the irony that Phaedra held a "restoration party" so folks can forgive each other. And she has obviously not forgiven Kenya.

In other storylines:

Sheree Whitfield and Bob Whitfield

These two have been divorced for many years but RHOA has tried to sell the line during this season that they were on the verge of "reconciling." You can believe that if you want but it's clear that the two had not cleared the air about many things Bob did during the marriage.

She felt abandoned by him when she had two very young kids. She also hated how he didn't seem to show true remorse for his past sins.

Sheree showed some of the most real emotion we've ever seen from her. But she said it did provide some level of closure.

Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas

She and Peter are divorcing but he came along on the Maui trip. They got along fine.

What has become clear is Cynthia had a hard time being a wife. And she took the fall during this trip.

"I don't look at this divorce as failing me," Cynthia told Peter. "I was a good friend to you but I don't think I was such a good wife to you."

Peter was sad but accepting of the situation and even enjoyed his birthday "roast" where the RHOA cast joked about his past money woes and his age. (Cynthia, not known for spontaneous humor, fell flat on the roast front.)


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