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'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' recap ('In With the New'); season 6 episode 4

This was posted Monday, March 27, 2017 by Rodney Ho on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

Tommie Lee talks about growing up and trying to be more mature about things.

But this episode shows she's all about revenge.

She is still mad that Karlie Redd slept with her ex Scrapp de Leon, now in prison on drug trafficking. Her fake apology last week and passive-aggressive hug proved that.

So she cozied up to an all-too-willing Yung Joc (who is wooing Karlie again) and had a double date with Karlie's friend Jessica Dime and her girlfriend Alexis Skyy, Fetty Wap's ex.

"I have no love for that bitch," Tommie says. "If me hanging out with Joc is a problem with her, that's a good thing."

Joc's justification: "Karlie and I are not exclusive." And he seems fine being played like that although we don't see any hanky panky.

Later, Karlie is shooting her sex book and Joc takes part. "I will always have a soft spot for Karlie Redd," he says.

Doing the shoot, he says, should "give me some brown points and some sex!" She has no idea of course about his date with Tommie and is happy he's there.

We all know how things will play out when she finds out about Joc and Tommie, ahem. But that's for a future episode.

Jasmine with her son Kannon, who she said is Kirk's son, too.

More Karlie fishing

Kirk Frost has stopped paying for Jasmine's apartment or his baby since she let the secret out of the bag.

Karlie, the busy body, comes by to see the baby and make sure it's real. "It kind of looks like Kirk but I can't tell," Karlie says. Then she took a picture of him to show others.

She shows Joc, noting the baby is called Kannon and that Kirk likes to name his kids with a K. The baby also has a dimple right in the middle of the chin like Kirk. But the picture she shows doesn't mean much to Joc. "It just looks like a baby," he says.

Then he tells Karlie that he remembers sleeping with Jasmine at one time in a drunken haze. Karlie is embarrassed since he is such a "ho." But she can't be mad because he did that while they were single. At least (he says) he used a condom. So it can't possibly be HIS baby, right?

Scrapping this relationship?

We haven't seen Bambi yet this season. But Momma Dee shows up at Bambi's place to see what's going on, aware her son Scrappy is unhappy since they've been engaged.

He says they argue all the time. Bambi tells Momma Dee that Scrappy is not growing up despite being engaged.

"You can't just run away every time you have an issue," Bambi says. "It's embarrassing to me we have these types of issues." She says they are fighting over "dumb s***. Are we even meant to be?"

Momma Dee is on now on Team Bambi  and is trying to figure out how to fix things for her son. Bambi wants therapy.

So she tells him to show up at The Community Resource Center and meet with a couple of therapists, unbeknownist to him. That's a reality show trope: surprise someone!

Bambi repeats her issues: "He runs away. It makes me feel abandoned. I feel like I wanted something for you I thought you wanted which is grow in a  different kind of way."

Scrappy says he's been there for her and it's not appreciated.

"You are delusional," Bambi says, and the conversation quickly devolves.

When her grandmother died, she says he bolted. He says he helped out for a few days and then had to leave to "be me."

"I don't want to feel the bad energy," Scrappy says.

The two marriage counselors say their communication is (shockingly!) poor. They are talking at each other, not with each other. This relationship is on thin ice.

So many new people, so little time

We get introduced to four new women. So get them straight: There's Sierra, who owns the Glam Shop, a full service beauty shop on Peters Street in Atlanta. She has a marketing director and assistant named Moriah, who helped get Lovely Mimi, a Vietnamese nail salon specialist to the shop. Later, they meet up with Tresure P, who moved to Atlanta to pursue a radio career from Houston.

Sierra is not a fan of Mimi, an Instagram star from Maryland who had just moved to Atlanta. "Since the day she walked into the glam shop, she has been so loud," Sierra complains. Moriah is a fan, says Mimi brings spirit: "She's good business. Who cares if she's loud? "(Read my interview with Lovely Mimi here.)

Lovely Mimi (not to be confused with Mimi Faust) first shows up on screen with Tommie at Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Roswell."We clicked right away," Tommie says.  They both spent time in juvenile detention centers and jail.

"Welcome to the A!" Tommie says.

"Let's get lit!" Mimi says.

So Tommie and Mimi go to a strip club with Moriah. And we mee Tresure P, a radio DJ from Houston, is new, too. She's another former dancer like Dime. She came for a man who is married.

Both Moriah and Tresure are mistresses and justify their reasons. Mimi and Tommie are not on board with this and find Tresure shady.

I quit!

Later, Mimi complains that the Glam Shop is too "stuffy" and Sierra has a stick up her bum. Sierra considers her too much like a circus. At Moriah's suggestion, Mimi invites Sierra out to try to settle things in a non-work environment.

This effort at detente fails miserably.

At XS Lounge in Brookehaven, Sierra remains uptight and tells both of the ladies to calm down. Offended, Mimi quits. Moriah is upset since she vouched for Mimi. Then Sierra instigates things by saying Mimi "wants to be f***** black so f***** bad."

This sets Mimi off. She makes a move toward Sierra but the security guards intercede.

In my interview with Mimi, she says she has since purchased her own nail salon.

With so many newbies, several vets were nowhere to be found this week: Kirk and Rasheeda, Joseline and Stevie J, plus Mimi and Tammy. But most of them appear to be back next week.

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