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'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta' recap ('Stripper Sister Wives'): season 6, episode 3

This was posted Monday, March 20, 2017 by Rodney Ho on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

Stripper sister wives.

That's the apt Mimi Faust descriptive of her felonious music producer ex boyfriend Rod Bullock's two lady friend dancers Keanna and Jasmine. They are all living together in the same bed. Plus, Jasmine is supposedly raising Kirk Frost's baby with Rod and Keanna. It all sounds very post modern. Or trashy. Or both.

To make matters worse, Kaleen and Jasmine both said they slept with Kirk. It's super messy - even by "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" (very low) standards.

Poor Rasheeda. We already now her husband is a cheater. But a cheater who can't wear a condom?

Kirk owns up to cheating to her face though the baby topic doesn't come up. He said he was drunk, too. She takes her ring off and leaves it on the table while throwing a few choice insults at him. The reason he lied at first: he didn't want to hurt her. Typical excuse, eh?

Rasheeda Frost bears her pain to a fellow victim of cheating Tammy Rivera.

Later, Mimi and her friend Melissa are suitably stupefied when Rod tells them about his unconventional relationship with the two strippers. Melissa is especially disgusted and when she condescendingly calls Jasmine "sweetheart," the conversation quickly turns to crud and she kicks them out of her bar.

In other story lines:

Another cheater in the house: Last season, Tammy Rivera broke it clean with Waka Flocka, who had (shocking!) cheated on her. Now he wants back in. He even brings a suitcase. Will they reunite? Stay tuned...

Fakest hug in the world: Tommie, who seems to land in jail frequently, claims she has turned a new leaf. She even says she has forgiven Karlie for sleeping with Lil Scrappy before he went off to prison last season. Tommie even offers a hug that is more latent aggression than super sincere. When Karlie asks for a favor, Tommie makes a face and Karlie quickly realizes Tommie is the same ol' trashy Tommie. Tommie, aware of her own violent tendencies, walks away. And remember when Karlie was trying to get back together with Yung Joc? Well, he's still single and joins Tommie to a party with Jessica Dime and yet another new character. For Tommie, it's passive-aggressive revenge.

Dirty drawers: Last week, Joseline had stolen Stevie J's underwear and this week, she brought it to The Paternity Doctor in Lawrenceville. But the fact she had placed it in a zip lock bag was not helpful for the DNA's survival. And since he didn't submit the sample, hers wouldn't be admissible in court. In the meantime, Stevie J admits to Mimi that he thinks he might be the dad and is willing to submit to a DNA test. She makes it clear that she never wants to expose Joseline to their kids no matter what. Stevie's attitude toward Joseline has now softened a bit despite all the nasty things she has said about him online, as Mimi notes.

And Jessica Dime is back? Yes. She is back. It's hard for me to care one way or another. But she did show up.

Next week, Scrappy and Barbie have a go at it over their stumbling relationship.


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