Kenya Moore claims she didn't bully or torment Porsha

Kenya Moore faced off against Andy Cohen Sunday night. CREDIT: Bravo

Credit: Rodney Ho

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Kenya Moore faced off against Andy Cohen Sunday night. CREDIT: Bravo

Credit: Rodney Ho

Credit: Rodney Ho

Kenya Moore, "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" drama queen, came out swinging with Andy Cohen Sunday night on "Watch What Happens Live"

You can hate her or love her but regardless, she's compelling and she took proper credit for the ratings boom for the show the past two years.

Cohen tried to get her to admit she's often been aggressive and lacks credibility. Moore would have none of it. She was quick to blame others and rarely took responsibility for her own actions. That alone makes her interesting because you her attitude makes you want to yell at the TV screen.

When told it appears more folks were sympathetic to Porsha Williams, despite the fact she attacked Kenya, Kenya looked resigned. Rather, she said "it's sad... For someone to say she made me do it, she deserved it. It's really a sad commentary for people to take her side on that."

Kenya said she was expecting more heat from NeNe Leakes and Phaedra Parks at the reunion taping in March, not Porsha. "I didn't have a problem with Porsha this entire year. We never had a drag-out fight."

She didn't think her scepter or bullhorn provoked Porsha, as Porsha has said. "I don't think the props had anything to do with being provocative at all." (Really?)  She said she came in ready to go because she knew ahead of time she was going to be attacked.

At best, Andy got her to acknowledge that her props were  "annoying." to Porsha. She said Porsha got her upset because she conveyed a "lie" about her hiring an African singer to be her boyfriend. But she didn't acknowledge that saying Porsha cheated on her ex husband is what really got her heated.

"You don't like what I have to say," Kenya said, referencing Porsha. "You can't match what I"m saying with your wit or your intellect. You revert to hitting me or attacking me physically."

Kenya is annoyed that Porsha is coddled and  treated like this wounded bird when in fact she has been the aggressor, the bully, calling her a "slut from the 90s." She also noted that Porsha has thrown insults at her before, which is true. She felt because Bravo hadn't shown those past clips, it stacked the deck against Kenya, made Kenya look like the worse person. (On Sunday, during "Watch What Happens Live," they do end up showing Porsha hurling nasties at Kenya in past episodes, mostly from season five.)

And ironically, although Porsha has apologized for her actions, Kenya said "she is a person incapable of contrition. She is not remorseful of what she did. I don't think someone who was attacked would have to apologize for being attacked."

She also plans to take the case against Porsha to court.

Kenya said it was odd that Porsha took jabs at Kenya for being fake, then got fake boobs. "She is basically trying to look like me," Kenya said.

She also denied instigating anything between Cynthia Bailey and NeNe, whose relationship appears damaged. "Cynthia was a true soldier for NeNe, her biggest cheerleader and support. The fact NeNe would say I'm trying to come between them is silly. NeNe is coming between her and Cynthia." (That is true.)

Kenya was also correct in saying that NeNe "is very threatened by me. Since I arrived on the show, the ratings have been through the roof and I've gotten a lot of attention. Maybe she doesn't have the career she thought she would and now her focus is on Real Housewives. She's clearly threatened by my existence on the show. It's really sad. I was a good friend to her."

She remains friends with NeNe's former friend Marlo Hampton. "Marlo is a cool person," she said.

Kenya also said she believed a lot of people are skeptical of what she has to say because the other women on the show are skeptical of what she says, fueling that feeling. Nope, not her fault, as usual.

She was coy again about her baby-making ambitions but is doing IVF. She won't say who the sperm donor is but it's someone she knows. She wouldn't say if it's the African prince she claims she's dating but we know nothing about.


Bravo also threw in an hour of leftover footage Sunday and packaged them as "secrets revealed." Honestly, there were no secrets revealed. It was basically clips that didn't make the final cut of the season. They will do more next week, focusing on the husbands.

Probably the only thing I picked up was that Kenya and NeNe were kind of friendly early on in the season and talked about Kenya's "boyfriend" before NeNe expressed skepticism of his actual existence.

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