Kelly Stevens takes over Kate McCarthy's job at 97.1/The River

By RODNEY HO/, filed January 14, 2011


Kelly Stevens

, who has been doing fill-in work for B98.5, has taken over the afternoon slot at sister station 97.1/The River.

He replaces Kate McCarthy, who is actually B98.5's Jordan Graye. Graye was assigned double duty in late 2007 to work at both stations. But rather than use Jordan' s name at them both, the program director at the time, Chris Miller, said he decided to create a new name for The River "to keep each station distinctive and not cause confusion."

Graye was given a choice of 15 different fake names to use for the River. She liked the sound of "Kate McCarthy."

Graye, who has been at B98.5 for about two decades, remains as the midday host at that soft-rock station.

"Jordan and Kate will never lose each other!" wrote Graye via Facebook, tongue firmly in cheek. "BFF (although, she does get on my nerves a little).... I betcha Kate turns up somewhere."

Stevens was part of the Kelly & Alpha team for nearly a decade on B98.5 until 2008 when Steve & Vikki took over.

Stevens re-joined B98.5 six months ago as a part-time fill-in and weekend jock. His former partner Alpha Trivette is still seeking jobs in radio and has been acting in local plays.

Deborah Reece, who has been doing middays at the River, is no longer on the air but remains at the station with other duties.

UPDATE: I asked the boss Tony Kidd if they plan any time soon to drop the "new" from the name. The answer: no.

The moniker is part of our overall name, not a identification of when we debuted. The term "New" is also one of the most powerful words in the advertising world.

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By Rodney Ho,, AJCRadioTV blog

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