Katt Williams on V-103 slags Tiffany Haddish for lack of talent


Credit: Paras Griffin

Credit: Paras Griffin

Originally filed Saturday, September 15, 2018 by RODNEY HO/rho@ajc.com on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

The reliably controversial Emmy-winning comic Katt Williams didn't hold back on Tiffany Haddish during a  visit to V-103's Frank and Wanda Show Friday, saying Haddish didn't deserve the success she's gotten.

“She ain’t done a tour yet. She ain’t done a special,” Williams told the show. “She has not proven the ability to tell jokes back-to-back for an hour to nobody.”

The rising star actually released a 2017 Showtime special and just signed with Netflix for another one.

He said 2017's "Girls Trip" was a success despite her, not because of her and he credits the script, not Haddish' acting. (She is co starring in the Atlanta-based comedy film "Night School" later this month with Kevin Hart.)

Williams, who has been arrested numerous times and is now banned from two counties in Georgia for too many transgressions, also thinks Haddish is now the "It" girl because she wants "to sleep with a white man," referencing a rumoured relationship with recently divorced Brad Pitt. He also bad-mouthed her for marrying and divorcing a white man.

He also said she jumped over 46 more qualified black women comedians.

Haddish decided not to bite back, instead tweeting:

“It’s official I made it! [Katt Williams] talked about me and didn’t have his facts right! I look forward to seeing you on Monday, Katt, when we pick up our Emmys. I just want to shower you with REAL love cause you need it, and I love you.”