EXCLUSIVE: MTV’s ‘The Real World’ (now on Facebook Watch) finally comes to Atlanta


Originally posted Monday, February 11, 2019 on RODNEY HO/rho@ajc.com on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

MTV’s “The Real World,” now transplanted on Facebook Watch, is going to base its cast in Atlanta for the first time in the show’s storied 27-year history.

The reboot produced by MTV Studios and original production company Bunim/Murray is tentatively shooting from March 11th to May 25th (10 weeks).

This will be the show’s 33rd season. It last aired on MTV in 2017. It was essentially the first reality show of its kind, spawning everything from “Big Brother” to “Survivor” to “Jersey Shore.”

In 2013, creator Jonathan Murray talked to me about why Atlanta has never made the cut.

”It’s a perennial runner up. We talk about it. One time, we thought it was too spread out. It felt like a lot of little villages. We weren’t sure where to put the show. We did consider Athens, too..” It’s still a possibility, Murray added. “Maybe it’s time has come.”

The show cast in Atlanta late last year at Blake's.

The age of the cast will range from 21 to 34, the oldest ever.

"People are Peter Panning," said Shannon McCarty, supervising casting director at Bunim/Murray Productions. She is in her 10th season casting for this show and 16th year casting in reality TV. "I also think it's an exciting opportunity to see someone's evolution. People can be mature at 19. They can be immature at 45. You might be getting someone who divorced and is in a new stage in their life."