Dacula gal ousted from ‘America’s Next Top Model’

April 22, 2010, by Rodney Ho

Dacula resident Anslee Payne-Franklin, 23, made it halfway through the CW's 14th cycle of "America's Next Top Model." Tyra Banks cut her loose Wednesday night. She just missed a trip to New Zealand.

Anslee was mostly been in the middle of the pack during the show and did not win a single challenge. Last night, she was in the bottom two for a second time.

The judges frequently cited her great bone structure but weren’t always thrilled with her photos. She also had trouble on the runway. Last night, she got reamed for a leaden catwalk. The editors made it seem like the audience gave her no applause. In an interview today, she said, no, she did get applause but they edited that out for effect.

She defended herself following the runway walk, saying she was “stern and strong. That’s basically most of the traits of my personality. This is who I am and if you don’t like me, I’m sorry. I know I didn’t win the challenge but I felt like I stayed true to myself.”

The former bartender and current nanny is now married with a three-year-old child.

“I’m not only here for my own dreams and myself but here to potentially give my husband and child a better life they deserve,” Anslee said early in the episode.

In her final challenge, Tyra said, “I find with your film you don’t take enough risks. You have such a strong face. When I crop into your face, you’re super strong. But when I pull out, you fall a little flat.”

She frequently clashed with Marietta's Alasia Ballard, 18. Alasia came off as insecure and very very young at times. She was frequently late for challenges. But she has been more successful than Anslee as a model based on her performance but also inconsistent. She has won two main challenges so far but has also been in the bottom two.

Alasia, now in the top 6, has also been very loud and defensive whenever anybody gave her any lip.

“I do have a lot work to do. Modeling isn’t something you can learn overnight,” Alasia said in last night’s episode.

Anslee said on a personal level, Alasia was actually very nice, just felt like she had to prove herself by getting defensive at times.

Anslee said she knew she wouldn’t work well living in a home with women. She also said her biggest argument with Alasia did involve an apology on her part that was not shown. She said it involved Alasia placing a three-day-old Go-gurt left out in room temperature   back in the freezer, not the frozen peas shown on air. But she didn’t care that the producers altered the storylin  a bit. She also understood that they focused on the drama, not the times they all got along.

Her best friends: Alexandra, the “plus-sized” model and Krista. She thinks the top 3 may be Krista, Angelea and Raina.

She hopes to stay in the Atlanta area to do some modeling work. (Call her, Elite Models!). She didn’t totally disagree with some of the criticism she got but she did get confused by differing critiques. She said that’s why she was often seen making excuses. “Even if you do have previous modeling experience, this takes it to a totally new level,” she said.

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