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'Chrisley Knows Best' recap ('The Great Outdoors'): season 2, episode 9

Almost every plot line on USA's "Chrisley Knows Best" sounds like a potential "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" episode.

This week: the pampered teen Chase goes camping! This is not their idea. It's to please Chase's more level-headed eight-year-old bro Grayson.

But the fact is daddy Todd Chrisley is just pampered as his kids. (The man is rich, I tell ya! Rich!)  So this will not be remotely like an episode of "Survivor" - or even a Cub Scouts outing.

Up front, he complains about what to wear. His wife Julie chides him, "It isn't about the looks." He responds, "It's always about the looks."

They rent an RV to make the outdoors as comfy as possible.

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"He can't drive his way out of a paper sack." - Julie, about her hubby, who complains about Savannah's driving.

"What does RV stand for?" Todd asks

"Redneck vacation," Chase offers.

The ladies, in the meantime, go to driving school and fail it, then lie about it.

While driving the RV, Todd reveals how he is intimately familiar with the "Oprah" episodes when Oprah Winfrey and BFF Gayle King went on a road trip and Gayle set her Uggs on fire.

They arrive at Fort Yago State Park in Winder and have people help them hook up the water. Then they try to put up a tent. Todd is not helpful. "I can't help you with stuff like that," he drawls, while playing with his phone. "I'm the dad who can take you to the Caymans for a massage."

"You've never taken me to the Caymans for a massage," Grayson says. (Phew!)

They pawn the tent work on to some kind campers while barely lifting a finger themselves.

Todd and Chase, while rowing a boat, then scare the bejesus out of Grayson by saying this is the lake where Jason of the "Friday the 13th" movies killed folks. "I don't want to die," Grayson yelps. "I'm getting off that death trap!"

"It's sadistic," says Todd, who is 46 and often acts like a 12 year old. "But there was a certain amount of enjoyment I received out of that."

After awhile, Todd is less aggravated and aggravating under the stars.

"It has calmed me down," he admits. "It wasn't as bad as I had envisioned in my mind."


"Take the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) and in two days, you get to Ontario."


"It's big and it's flaming." - Chase, describing a fire (and not a person, ahem)

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