Atlanta is the 10th most popular city for TV and film production in the world used imdb data to create the list

Originally posted Friday, June 29, 2018 by RODNEY HO/ on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

The flood of TV and films into Georgia the past decade has helped lift Atlanta into the top 10 all time of most popular cities where films and TV shows have been filmed. compiled the data and found 2,568 TV and film productions in Atlanta. That doesn't include some shows and films that cite a more specific city around Atlanta such as Newnan (39), Marietta (87), Decatur (64) Covington (49) or Alpharetta (39).

This doesn’t mean a film or TV show was fictionally based in that city. This simply means identified the show as having shot in that city. And this is by no means comprehensive. Not every production listed on imdb includes complete filming locations.

Of course, Los Angeles was by far the dominant city with 33,369 followed by New York (17,748), London (11,526), Toronto (5,737) and Vancouver (4,110).

Atlanta is closing in on Las Vegas and could surpass that city in a couple of years.

Going broader domestically, Georgia is the seventh most popular state for productions all time at 4,195, behind Pennsylvania (4,605), Illinois (5,285), Florida (7,437), Texas (8,164), New York (23,939) and California (52,924). It could take a few years for Georgia to catch up to Pennsylvania and Illinois, neither of which have the generosity of production tax credits that draw the likes of Marvel and Netflix here.