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Annual thank you note for a final time to my 'American Idol' blog loyalists

Deirdre presided over my "American Idol" bloggers in an unpaid, voluntary capacity and I am forever grateful. And she stuck with me for the past five years when the "Idol" blog was no longer and migrated over here.

By RODNEY HO/, originally filed Friday, April 8, 2016

Good morning and I hope you have recovered from the sensory overload that was the series finale of "American Idol." (I'm including a few of the videos from last night in case you wanted to see them again.)

Trent won, becoming the eight guy to win the last nine seasons. I'd say most folks were happy with how the show went last night. I did. I thought Nigel Lythgoe may have erred on the side of nostalgia but the focus on the show's heyday was wise, no offense to Trent or La'Porsha. Millions were probably watching tonight who have not paid attention to the show in years. They probably got a laugh at glimpses of Sanjaya and William Hung and loved to see folks like Constantine and Kellie and Tamyra one more time.

And while Ryan Seacrest thanked the viewers sincerely at the end (did he choke up too?), I have to personally thank the readers of this blog. Sure, we were much larger back in the day but the hardy few of you who have stuck around (and the handful who returned just for last night) are the glue that kept this place in one piece.

Every year since season 5 I have written a specific shout out to the contributors the day after the season finale. And this will presumably be the last time -- until the show comes back in three to five years. (That's the consensus time frame in my mind. I say 2020. Who knows if I'll still be doing this then?)

As for keeping some of you together in the future, I do plan in the next few months to do a weekly "Idol alum" update. I'll play it by ear whether this is worthwhile. I am taking a two-week vacation this month so I might not have anything up for a bit. I may also do some "Voice" coverage, too, though that has always been sloppy seconds for me.

HOLLYWOOD, CA - APRIL 7: Judge Ryan Seacrest (L) announces American Idol Season 15 winner Trent Harmon (R) with runner-up La'Porsha Renae, onstage at FOX's American Idol Season 15 Finale on April 7, 2016 at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California. (Photo by FOX via Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Ryan Seacrest; La'Porsha Renae; Trent Harmon

Like "Idol," social media basically has surpassed the comments page on this blog. People now Tweet or FB their thoughts instead of doing it here. (I did some Tweets while watching the show as well and was so distracted at points, I plan to watch some of it again.) And the comments section we have now is hardly perfect from a functionality standpoint. So I am truly thankful for those of you who tolerated it the past three seasons.

Anyway, first and foremost as usual is Deirdre. She is the queen of the castle, the belle of this ball, the hostess with the mostest. You know, cliches don't do her justice. I may have provided the map but she really guided this ship along, keeping people from throwing up or jumping overboard (too often). She even managed to do so this season after moving to Nevada.

Now onto others:

JTesla: You have been incredibly patient and supportive of me over the years and way way way too kind.

bknsty14 : West Coast represent! Thanks for keeping JTesla and Deirdre company on the other side of the US of A!

Mercedes: You've been here almost as long as Deirdre. My gratitude!

wreckedpizza: Amusing and welcome anytime! Sorry Jess Meuse was not there last night!

Jenny11: Always fun to have you around. You are very thoughtful and opinionated, which is great for any blog! Lovely debate yesterday about how "talent" is defined.

TheRealWearyTraveller: Never weary to me, man. A delight to be in your blog presence!

Leggs94: Sorry about your technical issues last night. Thanks for sticking with us.

MoSchriebman: Sarcasm personified.

JenniferHopez: Much better than JLo. Always!

G_:  I know. "The Voice" is what we got now. Sigh...

SheilaE: We'll miss you too.

AndiC: Didn't see you much this year but thanks for coming for the series finale!

DanJohn: Been around a looong time and you stuck it out. Thank you.

Sam-A1 : You've been here maybe even longer than DanJohn, right?

Woodpappy: We couldn't have made it here without you all these years.

Rickster: Sorry you lost interest in the show over time but that's understandable!

RXDawg, Doublenaughtspy and McCovey44: Wish you had been there with us for the series finale but gracias for being here so long!

RK_, PJK4, and  flat: Always appreciate the loyalists!

Others: Erin M, Andrea Schultz, Denise65, UWreckMeBaby, Quandry, georgiabelltaylor

AMERICAN IDOL: American Idols return to perform during the AMERICAN IDOL Finale airing Thursday, April 7 (8:00-10:06 PM ET Live/PT tape-delayed) on FOX. © 2016 FOX Broadcasting Co. Cr: Ray Mickshaw/FOX


Predictions go bottom right 10th place, left to right. Sonika is in sixth going right to left. Then I end the top 3 from left to right. I predicted La'Porsha as the winner going into the live shows.

And since we're at it, how did I do prediction wise this year?

Better than most years.

Entering the top 10, I had far more optimism for Olivia Rox than the voters did. I had her at No. 2. I did manage to get five out of the top six correct, just not in the right order.

I called Gianna correctly, as I did Avalon. Lee lasted one week longer. Tristan did as well. Sonika came in fifth, not sixth. I got it right with MacKenzie (fourth) and Dalton (third). I wasn't as keen on Trent going in. He rose in my estimation as the live shows went on and ultimately superseded La'Porsha, my pick to win.


Ratings: The penultimate episode on Wednesday drew 9.7 million overnight ratings, slightly higher than the typical 8 to 9 million. We won't get the finale results til later today. My guess now is maybe 15 to 18 million.


More stories from other places.

The Washington Post's Emily Yahr said the secret of Ryan Seacrest's success is his very blandness, which enables him to focus the attention on others. In a previous story, she had not mentioned him and a reader asked why. So she explains:

I think the reason I left out Seacrest is the same reason he’s so good at his job: Sometimes, you just forget he’s there. That’s intentional, and really, the mark of an excellent host. Move the proceedings along; banter with contestants; throw in a quip or two; and make it look so easy that no one realizes how hard you’re working.

These writers from Vocativ (presumably a play off the word provocative) explains how the show went from the top of the pop culture snack pile to a buried, forgotten piece of Peeps.

This chart alone shows season 12 just annihilated the show in a bad way:

Vocativ google search idol



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