Revenge of the Sixth? Jon Ossoff backers embrace ‘Star Wars’ attack ad

An attack ad targeting Democrat Jon Ossoff.

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An attack ad targeting Democrat Jon Ossoff.

“Sorry, Trump Republicans. But District 6 has a New Hope.”

Thus concludes a minute-long web ad supporting Democrat Jon Ossoff that was produced by Better Georgia, the left-leaning (Wookiee-like?) guerilla group.

It was a response to a debut attack ad launched Wednesday that featuring Ossoff dressed as Han Solo while a member of a Georgetown University singing group. The $1.1 million ad buy was orchestrated by the Congressional Leadership Fund, a super PAC backed by House GOP leaders.

The GOP targeting is the clearest signal yet that Republicans are unnerved by the swirl of attention surrounding Ossoff, a 30-year-old documentary filmmaker who has the support of Reps. John Lewis and Hank Johnson. He is one of five Democrats, and 18 candidates overall, in the wide-open April 18 race to replace Rep. Tom Price.

Better Georgia’s response lifts some of the same footage in the attack ad, including images of of Ossoff dressed in Han Solo’s garb and shirtless masked students re-enacting the Darth Vader-Luke Skywalker joust with turquoise light sabers.

“The GOP really want you to think that they’re not terrified by Jon Ossoff,” the narrator says, adding: “He’s also a huge Star Wars fan.”

The attack ad took aim at Ossoff’s assertion that he worked for five years as a national security staffer who held top security clearances, claiming he was "dressing up with his drinking buddies" for part of that time. Ossoff and his campaign said he was granted those privileges after Johnson's 2006 election.

The GOP super PAC hinted there were more attacks to come. Ossoff, who claims to have raised nearly $2 million, is ready to strike back.

Records show he’s lined up about $75,000 in ad buys from Friday to Monday on WSB and WXIA.

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