Jason Spencer invokes Nathan Deal’s support of anti-Obamacare bill

That press conference that state Rep. Jason Spencer, R-Woodbine, called off because his bill to make Obamacare radioactive in Georgia had begun to make “dramatic progress”?

It went on anyway.

HB 707 would prohibit state and local officials from lending any hand to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. It would bar the state insurance commissioner from enforcing the insurance mandates required by the ACA – like the ban on pre-existing conditions.

At the reinstated gathering, Spencer expressed his thanks to House Speaker David Ralston and state Rep. Ed Lindsey of Atlanta, a sponsor of the bill and a GOP congressional candidate. The Camden County lawmaker even had this to say about his compatriots who think the bill is too soft:

"Sometimes you can only get what you can get – when you can get it. What we're going to get today is 707."

Now, as for that dramatic progress he advertised. Said Spencer:

"The governor now has gotten involved. And he's going to work with 707. And I believe that's going to help the Senate make up their minds."

It was pointed out that the governor doesn’t run the Senate. Replied Spencer:

"No, he does not. But he is showing support. And that support goes a long way."

Has Spencer had a chat with Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle?

"I believe that support will go a long way toward changing people's minds."

After this, we trekked over to the governor’s office, where a spokeswoman for Gov. Nathan Deal said her boss’ official position on the developing situation was silence. No comment.

We have known governors who would tell one party that a bill would have his signature if it gets to his desk. But would then tell the House speaker or lieutenant governor that there’d be hell to pay if it got there.

We’re not saying this is the case with Deal – but with so much winking and nodding going on, it can’t be ruled out.