Georgia Dems plan initiative to mobilize rural black voters

Georgia Democrats are launching a new program funded by the national party that aims to mobilize black voters in rural parts of the state.

The Democratic National Committee said Friday that Georgia received a $100,000 grant for the first-of-its-kind program, which aims to boost turnout ahead of competitive midterm elections.

DNC chair Tom Perez said the program builds off initiatives the party launched in Virginia, New Jersey and Alabama to support 2017 candidates.

“What we learned in 2017 is that when Democrats recruit great candidates, and make meaningful, early investments in organizing and community engagement, we can win anywhere,” he said.

Georgia Republicans hold every statewide office and commanding majorities in the Legislature, but Democrats infuriated by Donald Trump’s presidency and emboldened by upset victories have drafted contenders up and down the ballot.

DuBose Porter, who chairs the state party, said Democrats are showing a “commitment to meaningful grassroots organizing” with the approach to the November vote.