Georgia 2018: Cagle tries to shore up Cobb support

Just before the weekend began, the Republican gubernatorial campaign of Casey Cagle produced the endorsement of Smyrna Mayor Max Bacon.

Sayeth the press release: “Mayor Bacon joins Cagle's growing network of elected officials and grassroots leaders in Cobb County.”

Only a day before, the Cagle campaign had rolled out the support of Steve “Thunder” Tumlin, the mayor of Marietta. 

The press release included this quote from Tumlin: “I understand Casey has earned many endorsements from local leaders including Sheriff Neil Warren, retired Sheriff Bill Hutson, and Senator Kay Kirkpatrick.”

Campaign endorsements are often pocketed, then revealed to fit a particular moment. The above two come in the aftermath of that secret recording of Cagle made by former GOP gubernatorial candidate Clay Tippins. As we have explained, Clay Tippins’ uncle, state Sen. Lindsey Tippins, had a major role in the backstory of that incident.

Let us simply say that Lindsey Tippins and the lieutenant governor are no longer close friends. Even so, Senator Tippins has great influence throughout Cobb – and that could explain why we’re seeing those endorsements from Bacon and Tumlin now.

A secretly made audio recording reveals that Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle backed a controversial education bill that he admitted was poor policy to prevent a rival candidate for governor from getting millions of dollars in support.

Insider’s note: This item was ripped from the Morning Jolt.

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