David Perdue doubles down on ‘terrorist’ charge aimed at Michelle Nunn

On Tuesday, Neil Bush, son and brother of former Republican presidents, called on GOP Senate candidate David Perdue to renounce his accusations that Democrat Michelle Nunn "gave money to terrorists."

"It really makes my blood boil to think that someone would make that kind of an allegation, whether it's an independent political group or a candidate for office," said Bush, chairman of the Points of Light Foundation established by Bush '41 – who has endorsed Perdue.

But this morning, Perdue doubled down on the “terrorist” charge, with this new ad now airing on WSB-TV:

From the script:

Perdue: If a county can't protect its borders, what can it protect? To me, the answer is crystal clear. Actually secure our borders. Enforce our existing law. And once and for all, forget amnesty.

At a Wednesday morning event, Nunn called for Perdue to pull the ads down, according to our AJC colleague Nicholas Fouriezos. Said Nunn:

"The ads are untrue, dishonest, and as Neil said, shameful. That's all that you have to say about those ads. They are untrue. And really, they push the boundaries, I think, of common decency. I would ask David Perdue, in the same way Neil did – he should retract those ads."