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Winter storm: Brenau University is without power; classes canceled today

Students took turns charging phones in the couple of outlets in the dining hall to actually have power. Chef A.B Bailey cooked grits and eggs by flashlight to ensure students had a hot breakfast. Camping lanterns were brought in to help light the kitchen/Steve Visser,

Brenau University still had no power this morning after finally losing power just after midnight.

"It is my understanding that most of central Gainesville is without power," said David Morrison, spokesman for the Gainesville college." I don't know when Georgia Power will get there."

Morrison said the campus chef was cooking grits by flashlight early Tuesday so that students would have someplace to go from the darkened dorms. Classes have been canceled today.

"We went down last night pretty early and then the power came back up until about 1 a.m. and then went back down again," Morrison said. "Last night the temperature was dropping and you could literally see the ice freezing on the trees."

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Maintenance crews came to work early yesterday to be prepared and then stayed throughout the night, Morrison said.

"It was a long night for us because we were up most the night," a maintenance supervisor told The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

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