What AJC Opinion columnists have to say about the GOP debate

By AJC Opinion Writers

Kyle Wingfield: Marco Rubio bests CNBC, rest of the GOP field in terrible third debate

"Let’s start with an acknowledgment that only Dante himself is qualified to describe to us the hell we witnessed on CNBC Wednesday night, with each successive entrant on the list of losers plumbing new depths until the network itself reached a place which 14th-century man could not fathom. It was that bad."

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Jay Bookman: I watched that ugly debate so you didn’t have to, and …

"I watched, so you didn’t have to. And most of what you’re hearing about last night’s debate is true. Jeb Bush, needing to impress, did the opposite. He looked like I would look like if, at age 59 and out of practice, I walked into a street basketball game. He was tentative, two steps too slow, flat-footed and a bit befuddled out there. By the end of the night, no one would throw him the ball.  And when he tried to take on Marco Rubio, he got posterized. Rubio proved the star of the night, polished and adept."

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