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74-year-old mayor beaten with baseball bat amid sex tape allegations

Sex tapes seem popular with young celebrities.

Benny Green is charged in the attack on the mayor. (Image from WBRC video)

Heck, that's how Kim Kardashian became famous.

But, when you're a 74-year-old mayor in Alabama, no one wants you to spend "Talladega Nights" dabbling in sexy cinema.

Certainly not the husband of the not-so-young co-star of the sex scene.

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Reports out of the state to our immediate west we used to visit only for firecrackers indicate Talladega Mayor Larry Barton was beaten Saturday with a baseball bat outside a barber shop. Charged with first-degree assault is younger whippersnapper Benny J. Green, 71, who once worked with the mayor on a radio show.

Police have not released a motive for the beating, but Green's divorce lawyer said violence occurred because "Barton was caught on hidden video having sex with Green's wife," reports .

The Associated Press says divorce court documents indicate Green's wife was recorded having sex with a man other than her husband, but didn't identify the man. The documents said Mrs. Green and the mystery man were recorded numerous times in the back office of a liquor store the Greens own.

A woman identified as Charlotte Green introduces a "hot show" and giggles like a schoolgirl at about 45 seconds into this video the mayor made for his and his alleged attacker's show "In the Interest of the People."

The mayor is used to making headlines.

Barton was in his third term as mayor when convicted, in 1995, of stealing from the city. He was re-elected mayor in 2011 after spending three years in federal prison.

In the 1980s, Barton famously demanded Miss America Vanessa Williams return the "key to the city" after her nude pictures appeared in Playboy.

If the alleged sex tape is made public, voters will likely suggest Barton return some keys as well.

Barton, from his hospital bed, said he was not a romantic partner of Green's wife but knew the Greens were divorcing.

He said he was attacked while trying to get out of his car at the barber shop (where he sometimes cuts hair) by a man wearing a hood and a trench coat. The attacker said "he had to kill me," said the mayor while recovering from non-life threatening injuries to his face.

Barton said he saved himself by kicking Green in the groin.

"Ain't no doubt about it," Barton said. "If I hadn't kicked him twice in the [man bits] I'd be dead. If he had been able to get me out of the car it would have been over."

The good people of Talladega are used to racing, and they seem comfortable with racy too.

Longtime resident Latasha Stamps told a reporter she is not perturbed her town's elderly mayor was beaten for allegedly being caught on video having sex with his friend's wife.

"I can honestly say that I only know where my pants drop and whose bed I'm in," said Stamps.

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