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Man shoots, kills self posing for 'selfie'

Sometimes, the vainglorious need to post a picture on Facebook is greater than the number of available photographers.

Thus, the 'selfie' was born.

I will admit I have taken my fair share of photos of myself. Usually, there's nothing more dangerous than a frosty beer or a warm sunset in the picture.

It has never occurred to me to take a selfie while holding a gun, but it seems common. I've looked through arrest reports and matched up the names of those arrested with Facebook accounts and found plenty of people proud of their guns. Sometimes there are stacks of money and bags of currently illegal greenery in the photo too.

I'm pretty sure police look for photos like that on Facebook too.

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From all accounts, Oscar Aquilar, from Mexico City, wasn't involved in the drug trade, but he did like selfies.

Metro news reports Aquilar, a veterinarian, accidentally shot and killed himself while taking a picture for Facebook. He borrowed a gun and began "waving it around" said a friend.

Metro says Aquilar liked to "show off" by posting photos of himself in front of sports cars, sitting on motorbikes and hugging attractive women.

There's nothing wrong with showing off a little. Good or bad, that is what Facebook makes so popular.

But don't do it with a loaded gun, or any gun you are unfamiliar with.

There are safer ways to impress people.

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