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Documentary: Florida man was 'seduced' by dolphin

Some news stories seem fishy.

Take, for instance, the tale of Malcolm Brenner, now 63, who claims to have had a yearlong love affair with a dolphin named Dolly.

Brenner is promoting a documentary, so there's the possibility he's just making stuff up.

The film, "Dolphin Lover," premiered at a recent film festival in Utah. Brenner called the premier a success because "no one walked out."

Sounds like he's confusing film debuts with marriage.

In a Daily Mail writeup of the love-horror story, Brenner alleges the marine mammal "seduced" him in 1971, the final year the Floridaland theme park in Sarasota, Fla., was open.

Brenner, who was at the theme park to take pictures, says the late-night encounters were "consensual."

Believe it or not, Brenner's deeds, also the focus of his novel "Wet Goddess," were not illegal. Florida did not outlaw bestiality until 2011.

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