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Court upholds law requiring pet stores to sell only shelter animals

The qualifications required to be president have been lowered to the extent almost anyone can dream of living in the White House and ordering drone attacks.

You don't need a store to find an animal that needs love.

I have no plans for running; it seems like too much work.

But, many of you have asked what a Mathis presidency would look like.

I don't have time to write a single column a day and craft my policy positions, but today I stumbled across an idea that would help me corner the "single person living with more than 2 cats vote."

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A federal court has ruled a law in Phoenix, Arizona, requiring pet stores to sell only shelter animals is legal.

That sounds like a winner to me, but I may be biased since I consider animals friends and not merchandise.

I didn't know this, but Phoenix is one of about 60 U.S. cities that have similar laws.

Even where it's not the law, some pet stores are adopting the policy of selling only shelter pets. In Philadelphia, the city of brotherly (and furry friend) love, the Pets Plus Natural pet store chain is selling only shelter animals.

If you want to buy a goldfish you may be in for a long wait. I've been to quite a few animal shelters and the tropical fish selection is usually quite small.

Those who require a pure breed animal companion would be forced to acquire puppies and kittens in dark alleys, where, ironically, you can probably find a few homeless puppies and kittens equally capable of reciprocating your love.

Meanwhile, if you want a pet, please consider these cuties at PAWS Atlanta .



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