'Christian Taliban' icon apologizes for cheating on husband

Holly Fisher, famed baiter of liberals.
Holly Fisher, famed baiter of liberals.

Credit: George Mathis

Credit: George Mathis

It's more difficult to be a hero than a hypocrite.

Holly Fisher, aka "Holly Hobby Lobby," became a conservative social media darling by trying to make "liberal heads explode."

To induce cranial combustion, the West Virginia mother of three would pose in photos with totems dear to many -- a gun, Bible, Chick-fil-A cup.

She first made waves last summer after a Supreme Court ruling on birth control by posting a picture of her outside Hobby Lobby in a pink "Pro Life" T-shirt.

Another controversial photo (at right) showed her holding a gun and Bible in front of the U.S. flag.

Hell yeah! America!

Many on the opposite side of the political spectrum took Fisher to task for the gun photo, saying it closely resembled that of a Gaza suicide bomber known as the White Widow, who posed with a similar weapon and the Koran.

Fisher responded with Twitter gems like "I'd love to give you an old-fashioned America vs. German ass kicking but I don't have time due to polishing my gun collection."

A coupe of days ago, Fisher was confronted online by an alleged "crazy conservative" reporter and asked to confirm a rumor that she had cheated on her combat veteran husband with a Tea Party News Network video editor.

Initially, she denied the affair, but later admitted she slept with the man at a Faith & Freedom conference on election night 2014.

Fisher, on Facebook , said she had become overwhelmed by her sudden fame. She had temporarily "lost her faith in God" and thought her "marriage was over."

In her public apology, she said the affair ended up being a good thing.

"I can tell you that I don’t regret what has happened. I don’t regret it because it took me getting as low as I did to fully wake up and realize just how much I need to put God back first in my life ... ," she wrote on Facebook.

Her husband, David, supports her, posting "I am with you always. We crossed this bridge and will walk together now with our heads held high. I love you. Matthew 6:14-15."

Fisher's fans love her even more now that she admits "being a poor Christian witness in the public eye is a very humbling experience."

The man who broke the story is now the one getting the most hate mail.

Jezebel writes that people who usually support the writer, Charles C. Johnson, are now "pretty darn furious" and have launched an "#IStandWithHolly" hashtag campaign.

On Twitter, David Fisher tells Johnson to "grow some [testicles] and do some real journalism."

My boss recently told me the same thing.

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