Watch Bruce Springsteen pay tribute to David Bowie

Credit: Melissa Ruggieri

Credit: Melissa Ruggieri


Bruce Springsteen and a pared-down E Street Band will head our way Feb. 18 and hopefully he'll still feel inclined to pay tribute to his old friend, David Bowie.

At the Friday night kickoff of "The River Tour 2016" in Pittsburgh , Springsteen started the encore of the three-hour plus show by reminding fans that he and the recently deceased British superstar had a long history.

“He supported our music way, way back in the very beginning, 1973… He covered some of my music and was a big supporter of ours … Anyway, we’re thinking of him,” Springsteen said. And with that, the band kicked into a taut cover of “Rebel, Rebel.”

Take a look and listen:

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