Virtual house concert site for Georgia musicians to hold ‘Kimono My House’ festival

A month after starting the Facebook page Kimono My House, a virtual house concerts site for Georgia-based musicians, Andy Gish of the Yum Yum Tree and Kim Ware of the Good Graces are producing an online festival.

From April 10-12, more than 30 shows will stream on the site, with artists including Sensitive Chaos, Adron, Loner and Nikki Speake performing throughout the day and evening.

The grassroots effort doesn’t come with a cover charge, but there is a suggested $5 per day contribution to benefit Atlanta venues The Earl, 529 and Eddie’s Attic.

Here is the lineup from the site:
Ryan PT (11PM)
Loner (10PM)
Kenny Howes (9PM)
Nikki Speake (8PM)
Tom Cheshire (7PM)
Alyce Inversion Project (6PM)
Michael Bradley (5PM)
Lesibu Grand (4PM)
Myke Johns (3PM)
TT Mahony (2PM)
Yoga La Tengo (8AM)

Aileen Joy & Bedtime Stories with Halley O'Malley (Midnight)
Pls Pls (11PM)
Adron (10PM)
The Soogs (9PM)
The Good Graces (8PM)
The Yum Yum Tree (7PM)
Mom Friend/Emily Backus (6PM)
John McNicholas (5 PM)
Georgie Harris (4PM)
Christo Case (3PM)
Benjamin Balagur (2PM)
Tara Suswal (1PM)
Story time with Ian Campbell (NOON)
Yoga Le Tengo with Lisa of Lightning Bug Yoga (11AM)

SUNDAY APRIL 12, 2020 
Sensitive Chaos (11PM)
Jeffrey Butzer (10PM)
Bryan G. Malone (9PM)
Heather Luttrell and the Possumden (8PM)
Chickens & Pigs (7PM)
Broken Tulips (6PM)
Paul Melancon (5PM)
Maryo Harrison (4PM)
NerdKween (3PM)
Stacey Cargal (2PM)
Blackfoot Daisy (1PM)
Regeana Campbell (NOON)
Shape Note Singers (11AM)
Yoga La Tengo with Amy Guinn (10AM)