Jermaine Dupri plans to DJ a virtual day party for #404Day

Jermaine Dupri will host a live DJ set on his Instagram page this weekend to "join in a moment of solidarity and celebration for all that Atlanta offers and for the people, businesses, sports, arts, and entertainment that make Atlanta so unique."

The Atlanta-based producer will host his online event at 4 p.m. Saturday – for #404Day – along with by @ChooseATL, @butter.ATL , @AtlantaInfluencesEverything and FLRPLN.

While Dupri will be the exclusive DJ for the virtual party, there is a solid chance some other familiar faces will drop in throughout the set.

Fans are also encouraged to share what they love about Atlanta in a brief social media video shout-out using #404Day and tagging @ChooseATL and @butter.atl.

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